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How can I earn money with video created?

Do you know that SEOestore Panel gives you $5 if you created a video related to it?

Let's know how to do that!

First, You have to log into your SEOestore Panel account

Then, click on "your username & balance" menu in the top main menu, and choose  "Free balance" 

Clicking on "Free Balance" directs you to free balance page, when you scroll little down, you will find more information about earning money with video creation

First, you need to read more about "earning free money with video created" conditions from How It Works  like:

  • Video MUST be about SEOeStore panel

  • Video length is about 60 sec, ........ etc


If conditions are met, you will need to go with three steps:

1- Step 1: Create a 60 second video

2- Step 2: Upload your video on YouTube

Just go to 

if you have a Youtube channel, you can upload your created video about SEOestore Pannel by clicking on the video icon 

and choose "Upload Video" which will take you to uploading page

Choose (Public) in your video Privacy to let us to see it, click on this arrow to select your video from your files on your own device

Once you selected the video, it will be uploaded successfully!

After uploading the video on Youtube, You will have to go with the third step

3- Step 3: Submit a ticket to Sales.

you have two ways to submit the ticket:

Either by returning back to "Free balance" page then scroll little down to "earning free balance with video created" part and click Submit Ticket Now, or by clicking Tickets in the top main menu in your Home page

That will take you Submit tickets page 

  • Category: Choose "Sales" in ticket category 

  • Subject:   Write the ticket subject, related to free balance by video creation,      ex: Free balance video

  • Order ID: Leave it empty because there is no order

  • Message: Write a message tells us that you have uploaded a video about SEOestore Panel on Youtube 

Note: You must leave the proof; the video link & your username, also the link of any extra upload (if there)

Then click Submit New Ticket 

We will receive your ticket and add the bonus for you after check links 

 ($5 for each video created & $1 for each extra upload!)

Enjoy your added balance ^^

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