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How can I make SEO campaign?

You can choose one from 3 methods in of making orders Single order, SEO Campaigns, and Drip Feed. We always recommend You to choose from SEO Campaigns as It is the most effective for defined budgets.

In order to make SEO Campaign order, please do the following:

1. Log into your SEOetore account. 

2. Select Make an order from the Main menu then click on SEO Campaigns

Clicking "SEO Campaigns" will take you to the below page:

Let's have a Look at it first 

1.Budget definer 

   It is used to define Your campaign Budget  from 5$ to 1000$

2.Campaign services & details

Here You can find Your services details & Quantity.

Note: Services details & Quantity  Change with different budget.

3.Order details

Here You should insert Your order details

Links: Insert Your links one link per line

Keywords: Insert Your  keyword one keyword per line

Article Category: Select the article category for Your keywords, check available category from here.

4.Top up & Submit Button 

If you See Top up Button that means You have to add fund to complete Your order.

For more details about add funds and payment options

Now You added Funds, inserted Your details let us complete our SEO Campaign By clicking on Submit 

You will see this screen below

Now  just click on Report to see Your order 

Congrats, Now your orders are "Pending" after a while, they will be "Processing" then completed, and you will find a report as .zip file beside it available for download
For more details about orders reports page, Check this link

Choose files or drag and drop files
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